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Jul 14: Tweaked the CSS style sheet so that the site looks the same in Firefox and IE. Well... almost the same.

Jul 14: Finalised CSS style sheet. Added link for SMC Contour Manual.

Jul 13: Included personal First-to-find list.

Jul 11: Visited Lady Dixon Park with Christine. Sad to see that the roses have taken a terrible pounding from the weather this year.



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...to the latest revision of my personal website.

Here you'll find such diverse topics as Web design, GPS satellite navigation, the life and times of Professor Vere Gordon Childe - and others.

I hope that some proportion of this will be interesting, or even God preserve us useful. It's interesting enough for me, since when I was born there were no personal computers, jet airliners, colour TVs, Mars orbiters or GPS satellite systems.

On the other hand, there was no Jeremy Clarkson either so it hasn't all been progress.

There have been some suggestions that I should include an interactive Blog on this site. What are the chances? Well: imagine if you will, a half-chilled snowball, wrapped in an electric blanket, placed in an operating microwave oven and positioned in Beelzebub's armpit while he's at work... That's how much chance there is of me running a blog.


This update includes a link to the "sneak preview" of a chapter from my forthcoming (and so far, untitled) novel, in the creative writing section.

(You will need a password to access this area. Please e-mail me to obtain one - my e-mail address is at right, below the hit counter.)